Sunday, December 30, 2012

China street restaurant

In China you find some street restaurant everywhere.

The food is prepared in advanced and kept hot with vapor: the system uses coal to heat some water.
You should choose several dishes, together with rice. You can eat there for 10 to 15rmb for two or three dishes.

Two dishes: 
Preserved vegetable. These vegetables are dried and kept several month in a jar while they ferment (like Kimchi).

White radish

Sausage and salad.
Chinese people love sausages and there is a huge market waiting for foreign sausages to come...

Dried toffu

Grean bean
Some omelette with eggs and tomatoes
Pork meat with fermeted vegetable: Chairman Mao favourite dish
Pork in China is much better than in Europe. In fact, I found out that in Europe the blood is kept inside the pork! This is even worst in Germany as compared to France! Thus we have a terrible and "disgusting" smell. But in China, butchers take the blood out!

Fish with soya sauce