Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fruits and vegetable in China (2)

Cactus fruit
Really delicious but a little expensive

Turnip and ?

Eggplant and carrots


One of Chinese people favourite fruit

Sugar plant
Chinese people eat it often on the street

Dragon fruit and Durian
Expensive fruits

Kiwis and papaye

Kumquat fruit they are "small clementine": very tasty


Chinese pears


Spanish Melon

Another kind of pear

Large water chestnut
Very delicious. The fruit vendor peels it for you! This is something usefull in China: you don't need to peel your fruits. It means a big change for me.

Another one of Chinese favourite fruits

Dried kakis
Since food has always been scarced in China, Chinese people found way to keep food: thus dried food, salted pork, fish, Chinese kimchi...

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