Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fruits and vegetables in China

I want to show you what fruits and vegetables you can buy in China.
It is interesting as species are different. This is due to climate and also you have geneticaly modified species.

Chinese people eat fruits before and after lunch, dinner: while waiting, watching TV, chating at home. You offer fruits to your guests at home.

Apple and clementine
Very small apple almost not sweet. 
Clementines are very sweets and riped even though they are green! 

It comes from north China: Beijing

Inside it is like a litchi with a large core


There is not a large choice in China. There are GM grapes from america. These species also invaded the french market :-(

Small tomatoes
In China small tomatoes are fruits. As you can see tomatoes stand next to grapes.

They come from South Asia. This specie is not as sweet as the Costa Rica Pineapple we find in Europe. 

Small oranges: very sweet