Thursday, December 20, 2012

Funny english

In China you have still many weird translation.
In fact the translation is made automaticaly with some computer. A real shame!

Let me explain: It means the translation company can not do a good job. 
In that case why did they get the job? 

Network, network, network or guanxi, guanxi, guanxi in Chinese...
Translators can not speak good english. Still they get the jobs and the licences with the help of their network. What is terrible is that you have in China so many people who can speak perfect English but don't get the jobs!

You can see weird translation on the street, for official translations and also for many books to learn foreign languages.
Hopefully this is changing fast. As compared to 2006, today, you can see very few weird translation.

Another thing is that Chinese don't understand that in many occasions it is better to have no translation at all rather than a "weird translation".
You can check Changsha International Website.
They have a English version, a French version, a Japanese one...

But you have still so many mistakes and weird translations. I offered to help (for free) but got no answer from them. In fact I think if they accept my help it would mean that they admit their mistakes and they can not do this without putting themselves at risk.

N.B: I took these photos on Orange Island. The island where Chairman Mao used to play as a child. Back in 2006 it was a garbage dump and it is now a touristic spot and beautiful place. As you can imagine for this kind of project, you need strong network if you want your share of the cake thus the weird english...