Wednesday, December 5, 2012

German bakery and Catholic church in Changsha

Today I want to tell you about a great story and about a great place: a real western bakery.

Where is the "German" western bakery?

This place was opened several years ago. It was originaly located in the city center. However the rent was high and it was hard to cut costs. I was told that customers in the city center are passing by and they don't live in the area so that they don't come back. They are looking for landmark: familiar brands such as Starbuck, KFC...

You can see the new location of the German bakerie on the map.
It is just next to the Catholic Church and this is no coincidence!

A charity concept
Not only is this bakery great. The bread is delicious and so are the many desserts and birthday cakes. More than this it is a charity concept. The founder trains and gives jobs to deaf and mute young Chinese people!

So that by going there you help this charity concept and also enjoy it. As I tell you the food is delicious!
And the price are not high!

How to go there?

Check the map!

Here is Shan chun road. From here turn left

You should turn on this street. You can see the hospital at the end of the street.

From the outside:

And the food offer:

So many bread available.
I love them all! But ok I am french and I miss bread ;-)
You can order in larger quantities and keep in your freezer!

There are a few sits and you can enjoy some coffee or tea!

Blue berry cake... I love it

Birthday cakes

The team of the German bakery

A book for hand language. 
I had a lot of fun talking with a Chinese girl there. In fact hand language is not that hard. It is almost as you know the signs because many have cultural background. They come as automatism!

I wonder if it might be more difficult for Chinese people to learn this language as it was developped by western people and appeals to western automatism which sometimes differ from Chinese! One same hand gesture can have different here in China and in Europe!

The Catholic church

They have a service on sunday morning.


  1. what time is the mass on sunday please? Is it a morning, afternoon or evening mass. Thank you

    1. I am not sure, you should ask the German bakery, they attend the mess I think (probably 10 am?).
      You should know that it is a Protestant temple, there is also a Catholic church.