Saturday, January 19, 2013

French flag to sell condom in China!

The Chinese main cliché about France is romantic.
Another cliché is that France is sex symbol.

I was shopping at Wall-Mart the other day and there I found near the cashier a row of condom with the french flag!
"Olala nom d'une pipe, de saperlipopette! Révolution et grève générale!"

I can not imagine the Chinese people reaction if a foreign company chose to put the Chinese national flag on their condom boxes!

Anyway it is funny to see that french colors are used to sell condom. Also almost no Chinese customers know that this is the french flag.


  1. Any kind of promotional gimmick would do as long as people practice the safe way for intercourse. With the amount danger through sex all over the world, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Mischna Ong

    1. You are right ;-)
      And still in China I believe many men don't wear condom, put themselves (and sometimes their wife at risk...) even though there is no datas.

      There is still a very bad perception of aids in China. When you have aids you are dirty and don't have any place in society: lose your job, your face... most company will check once a year if you have aids.

      China can be a cruel society for the sick, disabled. While at the same time Chinese people have a high respect for older people... weird.