Monday, January 21, 2013

French restaurant Changsha: new location

I realized that I didn't give any news about the restaurant for some time now.

French restaurant new adress
We decided to change location. We were initially located in Nan Hu road.

The new adress is as follow:
Rive Gauche


  1. 地址:岳麓区麓山南路左家垅长沙银行

Where to find us on the map:

Why we change location?

Our location didn't match our concept: low price, a simple offer and not large offer, a small superficie and simple decoration.

The restaurant decoration was too simple
Opening a restaurant in China is not easy, most Chinese people don't really care that much about foreign food. They will look first at the decoration and the confort. Unfortunately our decoration and design was not outstanding.

We had only few potential regular customers at Nan hu road.
Our restaurant was a small structure, with a low price offer. Therefore our potential regular customers couldn't be the more wealthy Chinese people, but rather middle class Chinese people. 
However only younger Chinese people, students or young couple will eat western food on a regular basis. They don't live near Nan hu road. Our potential regular customers also includes foreigners. Again there are few foreigners nearby Nan hu road.

We had a simple food offer.
It is not easy. If you have a large food offer then you should work harder and can have more waste.
Ideally you should offer both western and Chinese food. However with a small restaurant this is not possible. Or you would need to have many more employees.

You should also satisfy very different customers or rather you should target: foreigners, wealthy Chinese people, younger Chinese people.
Foreigners look for authentic foreign food, usualy at fair prices.
Wealthy Chinese will look for exclusive, expensive food, novelty, presentation, decoration, environment, adapted taste.
Younger Chinese will look at price.

Some photos from the new place

Entrance at the second door.

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