Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jono restaurant Chinese food Changsha

These dishes are from Jono a famous Chinese, western restaurant chain in Changsha
In fact the food is nice but if you are a "connaisseur" you know Changsha and Chinese food (like me ;-)) you will know it is just so so...

In fact the presentation is nice and tidy as for the taste it is just so so according to Chinese standards (Chinese standards are very high). As I told you in my previous article, presentation matters more and more for Chinese customers, as much or more than taste!

Their pizza is great: the best one I have had in China. But it is expensive some 80 rmb!


  1. Georges, I enjoy your blog!

    The only time I went to Jono's was shortly after moving to Changsha. I wanted a plate of fries. The restaurant was nearly empty, yet the fries arrived after 35 minutes and were cold. The waitress seemed confused as to why this was a problem, but sent them back anyway.

    30 minutes later, another plate arrived. They were only a little bit warm. I didn't complain.

    The staff seemed to think I was quite fussy.

    I didn't try the pizza ... but if it's an improvement on what's available in Hawa, I'll give it a go.


    1. Thanks Ian!

      Jono is not that great and since they have a new "fashion, modern" design.

      I can advise the australian restaurant Coggee near Martyr's park, the Esmeralda spanish restaurant (paella is great) nearby the walking street or the steak at Marylines Monroe café.

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