Friday, January 4, 2013

KFC scooters

KFC in China bets on take away sales using scooters.


  1. I think making a district scooters available to the public is way more easier and convenient, in this way it will be a lot safer and the authorities could manage the traffic faster

  2. I totally agree with you. I always think scooters and bikes is the solution for traffic and pollution in cities... (as well as subway, bus lanes, shared electric cars and forbid some streets to cars).

    The pb is the lobbying of car is too strong in China. At some point scooters were even forbidden in Shanghai a few years ago... Can you believe it!

  3. What? That's ridiculous, why would they disallow eco-friendly rides just like some razor spark scooter or electric bikes to their place? On the contrary, bikes are way healthier than those gasoline charged vehicles.

    Luisa Will

    1. You know in all country lobbies (and multinational) rule... Even in US: you have many place where you can not buy vegetable and fruit (the so called food desert including Manhatan in NY or...) without a car.

      Cities are not built for people (in USA) or in China but for the car industry. This also doesn't include scooters and bike.
      But with the energy crisis, this will have to change.