Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is a good restaurant for Chinese people?

What is a good restaurant in China?

For many Chinese people a good restaurant is often a restaurant that offer different and rare dishes: snakes, frogs, snails, dog, monkey, deer...
This is weird and I believe that is comes from traditionnal medecine: some rare dishes are healthy, can cure, can give you a longer life... Or maybe Chinese people just want something rare, different, strange, funny?

For me  and for some Chinese people, a good restaurant offers the same dishes as everywhere else. But somehow these dishes will feel different, better than in other places. The dosage will be perfect.

You have also a new kind of restaurant that develops a lot: they take care of dishes presentation as much as dishes taste!

Finally, the environment matters for Chinese customers. Often a good restaurant in the mind of Chinese customers means a prestige restaurant with a special decoration: such as a Western style decoration, or a traditionnal Chinese temple decoration...

This restaurant is located in Xinkaipu.
This place is clearly one of my two favourite restaurant in Changsha. (The other one is incredible but behind the old train station toward Xinsha... very far away).

I noticed many really good, incredible restaurants are often far away from the city center. Even though in Changsha most restaurant have already a good level. Someone who doesn't know too much about Chinese food will feel these restaurants are already delicious.

The napkins and the adress. Customers take the hanskerchief with them and will remember the restaurant adress.

  • Some restaurant choose a box that customers will keep in their car
  • Other restaurants choose a simple plastic wrapping: customers will take handkerchief in their pocket or inside their bag

White radish marinated in Soya sauce, served with spices

Chairman Mao favourite dish

In fact it is dried pork meat: same as in Corsica?

Steamed cauliflower

The fish is... so yummy! I can not describe it!

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