Sunday, January 20, 2013

You are being watched: cameras in China

These last months, cameras were installed everywhere in Changsha. There is not one place you can not go without at least one camera. Even small old streets have their cameras.

Chinese people don't seem to mind this. 
Maybe since intimacy, privacy is new to Chinese people? 
Or maybe since Chinese people have a strong trust in their leaders?

I just hope it will help reduce theft for real as there is little excuse now not to find criminals.

Night vision cameras.
360° cameras.

Sometimes I wonder if Chinese authorities have cameras to check on people.
Or build large avenue everywhere is order to repress some future demonstration.
This is my paranoiac side ;-)

In Paris Grand Boulevard were built instead of small streets in order to stop people from building barricades. The republican guards on horse could charge the manifestants with their horse. Today it would be tanks.

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