Thursday, February 28, 2013

China photos: Xin Kai Pu district Changsha

Everyday photos:

Nan Hu Road nearby Furong Road:
An old man searches the garbages

He offers to sharpen knives, scissors
Usually he walks in the street and shouts

A small fruit shop nearby my home
They don't throw anything but offer discount on riped fruits!

Broom salesman on Furong Road

A job from another time

Chinese fast speed train in Shenzhen station

One small district restaurant

You can buy your favorite meat, pay by the weight

This dog just had a haircut.
Dog hairdressers are a new trend. You often see weird looking dogs: painted in pink, shaved. For Chinese people they look cute, funny, incredible.

French is popular. You often see clothes with french or english word. It is rare to see other languages.

Xin Kai Pu
A good restaurant in Xin Kai Pu.
I love Xin Kai Pu. I think that in this district people live as a community. You know each other and you exchange with the neighbours, the salesmen, the people.

This district has a bad reputation as it is not wealthy. Back in 2006, it was seen as the home of thieves, prostitution. I have only met incredible people in Xin Kai Pu: honest and welcoming people. They accepted me as "their foreigner", a member of the community. Six years later many people recognize me. 

Xin Kai Pu changed a lot. At first I didn't recognize the place as most streets, homes disappeared. You have now large avenue. Hills were cut down and flattened.

Wealthy customers come from all over to eat here. And there is a lot of place to park.

Children play

You often see moto taxi driver sleeping on their motos.
How do they do it?

A new road link Xin Kai Pu with the rest of the city, the district changes even faster.

The railway delimits  Xin Kai Pu district. 
Often you see a police moto parked here under the railway. Police show their presence.

In the evening and during the night, trucks come and go between Xin Kai Pu and the rest of the city. They come to fetch construction material and sands outside of the city. They follow a narrow road where you see many steel workers... Back in 2006, this road was not even a cement road.

I had never seen so many trucks, so much dust. It is a lot of noise, smell of oil and plastic. A nightmare at first sight. Then you get accustom.

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