Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chinese Crocs copy vs original

The "fake" crocs or Chinese copy.
They were the first one to open and arrived first in Changsha.

I have also seen real Crocs in a brand new shopping center.

I don't think they can sell at all, since this brand is not known to Chinese people.
Why would consumer pay twice the price or more for some identical plastic shoes?
Maybe authentic Crocs are healthy? or not made of plastic? And they can put forward these attributes? Otherwise I don't see how they could develop opposed to the "Chinese copy".

How to do? Attract some foreigners and some wealthy Chinese people?
But Crocs doesn't advertise to build its brand. Chinese people are not stupids. If they can pay less to have the same product, why should they pay more peuvent payer moins pour avoir le même produit, ils ne vont pas payer plus!

Copy cost 100, 150rmb.
Original costs 300 rmb.

The Chinese market for sandal is huge.
Chinese people are not ashamed to wear sandal. On the contrary they like to show their feet in summer with big heat.

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