Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese dishes Hunan, Changsha

Meat ball soup: delicious

This is white radish with soya sauce

Hundred years egg. You should crush them and mix. Inside you have garlic, oil and many different vegetable.

Pork feet

Cucumber with soya sauce. I like this presentation

Chicken soup. Inside you have eggs.

I am not sure about the name.


Spaghettis. It is common to order spaghettis at the end of the meal, once you are too drunk and need consistent ingredient.
Spaghettis are also a dish for celebration and birthday. The length of the spaghettis is a symbol of longevity and many years to come.

Mini Baozeu (Chinese bread stuffed with meat): they are for birthday or celebration. It is like a purse with a present inside.

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