Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese food: more dishes

Chinese people need a ash tray and some tooth pick

The usual Bai jiu (Chinese alcohol: 40 to 50°)

This is dried fish. As I showed you it is dried in the sun during several weeks or a month. It is called layu: delicious.

White vegetable: bai cai tai


Pork ear

Hundred years old eggs

Shrimp steamed cooked or boiled in some water

Frog legs

Peanut root: suan mia

Potatoes cooked with the pork chest

Chicken with five round nuts. You find five round things inside such as eggs, red date... It brings you good things for happy new year.
Wu yuan jie

Smoked beef meat

Pork meat and fat together with dried vegetable (I showed you this vegetable drying in a previous article).

Oyster steamed with soya and Japanese fish sauce

Steamed bun filled with red bean paste. It is a special dish for old people to celebrate their birthday. It means long life (the same as the Chinese spaghettis).


  1. A good Chinese food is prepared with poly unsaturated oils and does not use milk based ingredients like cream, butter and cheese.

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    1. It depends ;-) for instance they have creme anglaise with Chinese baozi. You use egg yolk, milk, vanilla to prepare creme anglaise. I think in some Chinese modern cuisine they use butter also.

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