Thursday, February 21, 2013

In China innovation pays but it has its limits...

I have always seen myself as a innovative person. I have many ideas...sometimes too many ideas.

Through my experience in China I have always had many ideas to "amaze" Chinese customers. Most Chinese customers want something strange, weird, new, amazing... They want innovation.
I am not sure why. I think because Chinese customers are young and all is new, strange to them. They always want more.

BUT at the same time innovation should be perceivable. Chinese customers should be able to understand it.

Let me show you some example of innovation:

This is a Chinese and french flag. 
Believe me it was not easy to do this. We had to find two flags and to find someone who could sew them together. There is a gap between the idea and putting the idea into practice. In China the gap is always a huge gap.
And the result was disappointing: almost no Chinese customer understand that it is actually a french and Chinese flag together.
Many Chinese look at it and don't know what it is!
Innovation should be perceivable!

Here we have a Eiffel Tower in a fish tank.
This was a great innovation for our customers.
They love fishes. They love the Eiffel Tower. But they have never seen a Eiffel Tower inside a fish tank: A simple but effective innovation.

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