Monday, February 25, 2013

Lao tofu: the Chinese cheese

Several years ago I wanted to work in marketing for the food industry.
But then I faced the reality of the market: too many applicants and too few jobs available.

I had some interview with the HR a french cheese multinational.
And the HR told me that "everybody know Chinese people don't like cheese".
How can you be so wrong? How do they select their employees?
Chinese people already eat Lao tofu which is similar to cheese. And they all love melted cheese. As for normal cheese, some like it, others don't. But you need to think how it can find a place in Chinese food or way of life! For instance cheese for steamed rice, cheese for soup or cheese stick to eat anywhere...

Anyway when you have some knowledge and you see people who have the jobs don't have your knowledge, still you can not get the job. You start to wonder about the system.
I wish I can change this system.

Lao tofu (check this wikipedia article)
As you can see this product uses a similar process as Cheese.
The tofu is fermented same as cheese. They will then add spicy.
Chinese alcohol is used to ferment the tofu. Also the taste can vary a lot from a home to a supermarket product.

Everyone has its family recipe.
Chalin is a city in Hunan famous for its Lao Tofu: same as in France we have different cheese from some local cities.

The smell and taste is similar to cheese.

In fact I strongly believe in the future this kind of tofu can be mixed with french or western food: mix with cheese or mix with french pâté.

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