Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Repairing roof, living in a truck

Back in 2006 you didn't see these trucks.
Inside you have a family 3 people. It is their home. They sleep and live there.
They repair roof. It is new thing in China to repair housings. It is still more common to simply destroy and build something new.


  1. Perhaps they are trying to save money for their future needs that's why they prefer to fix their roof instead of buying a new home. They're just being practical which I think is good.

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    1. You are right. ;-)

      Still the repairman who lives in the small truck with his wife doesn't have an easy life. Even though in China most people don't judge you if you live in a car or wear used clothes.

  2. Not only in china but also in other countries like Ireland Topgrade Roofing Repair Dublin services are more preferable in compare to destroying and recreation.
    I really appreciate their work.

    1. You are so right, we should learn to repair instead of throwing. It doesn't make our lives more miserable in any ways and it protects our planet.