Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taiwan pancake franchise concept

This is a great franchise concept another "small is beautiful success story"...

Product offer
They offer pancake together with egg, ham, cheese and sauce: ketchup or mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
The pancakes are cooked on a plancha and delivered frozen

These Taiwan pancakes appeared in 2006.
At its beginning the franchises were small shops.
Nowadays they even have itinerant franchise shops! They skimmed the market!

Small price
While supporting small costs, small rent and one employee, pancakes are cheap and therefore an affordable but consistent street food

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  1. Glad to know that people like the sound of this simple dish that I just loved. Charlotte, maybe I will switch to edamame now and you can switch to chickpeas! (Oh sigh, if only I could find shelled edamame here somewhere!
    German Shepherd Puppies