Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The importance of sayings and quotes in China

In China sayings are crucial.
When debating, Chinese people will often use sayings.
I believe in an argumentation scale, sayings have the strongest value maybe after quotes.
It has more value than a logical argument!

Also you have different kind of sayings:

  • Some are traditional saying. They differ according to the location: you have national or regional sayings. Sayings guide you for love, health, money, wedding, family, food...
  • Some are quotes from famous people. Again different famous people have different importance. You should use the sayings according to the situation. For instance, as Chairman Mao said:... It might be unwise to quote Chairman Mao in some situation, but better to quote Laozi 
  • Some quotes became sayings. They have a double value!

In China you find many foreign language books to learn sayings.
In fact Chinese people don't understand that sayings in french, in english or in many languages don't have the same importance as in chinese.

Not to mention that this book contains many mistakes. As I once explained this is due to the "poor" qualification of the author. Why he was appointed for this job? networking, networking...

As you can see from the pictures some sayings are not used at all in french.
And you have french mistakes.