Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Traffic people

Before the Olympic Games in 2007, the central government created this new job.

These people take care of traffic: 

  • they whistle and stop people from crossing when the light is red
  • sometimes they ask motorcycle to have only one passenger

This job is very interesting.
You need to have network to get this job as it is not hard, you don't need qualification and you get some fair revenu.

This job reflect the human nature:

  • A few want to give orders and enact the laws. They feel omnipotent as you gave them a little power over other people...
  • Others are more realistic about the traffic situation. They know that often the traffic laws can not be enacted 100% in China: people should often cross when the light is red, as the crossing time is often too short. There is no lane for bikes and motorbike. They know that you can not enact the law when no one respect it.

Sometimes police students help the traffic people.
At rush hour and on some occasion (festivals, high official visiting...), policemen take care of traffic.

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