Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few driving rules on Chinese roads

In Chine it is relatively easy to obtain a driving licence.
For those who have the french driving licence, you need to pass the Chinese code.

The Chinese code exam is much easier than the french one. It is better to choose the Chinese or English version. In fact the french, german... versions contain many languages mistakes. The translation is not done properly.

Once you passed the exam, you should buy a car. Some car are affordable. QQ cars cost 60000rmb. You can benefit from important discount during Chinese new year.

  • Forget about the driving Code
You should forget about the traffic law: no priority of the right, no yielding, driving on the opposite way. Red lights also are not followed: cars pretend they turn on the right and finally keep up straight!

The danger in China is to keep on thinking as if you were on french roads. For instance:
A car comes from the left, it will stop... don't be a fool
At an intersection, I can go there is no cars coming from both sides. But...did you check that no car comes from the opposite direction!?

  • Beware the car in front of you
The car in front of you can stop at any time, slow down, zigzag, turn, pull ack suddenly

  • Doing a cut in
You should always be wary of cut in. It is normal to drive this way in China: zigzag and cut in.

  • Always stay alert
You should always stay alert and be able to slow down, avoid any obstacle

  • Keep a manoeuvrer margin
Check that you can turn on your right or on your left in order to avoid an obstacle

  • Beware buses, taxis and black taxis!
Taxis drive fast and slow down suddenly to turn in front of you so as to pick up a customer.
Buses pull back at bus stop and don't mind if you can not avoid them! A bus will not care that there is a scooter or smaller vehicle: it will pull back slowly and let you some time to go away! Also buses don't respect bus stop. They can stop anywhere near a bus stop!
Black taxis are individual cars who can suddenly stop to pick up a customer. They are a real danger since you can never anticipate that the car in front of you is a black taxi and will stop without any warning.

  • The road state
Beware the road state: holes, bumps...

  • Reflex
Having good and fast reflex is important

  • The rule of the strongest

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