Sunday, March 3, 2013

Advocate a vegetable for Chinese consummers

With globalization, we eat new fruits and vegetable. Asia, Africa, America... come to us and... we come to them.

In China I always believe that advocate suits well Chinese consumers tastes: fat, consistent, melting (somehow similar to eggplant). Still you need to "educate", show the consumers how to eat advocate, in salad with vinager, specific oil (why not nuts oil), a sauce, in soup...

Of course these projects require consequent investissements. The risk is inherent to all project.
In 2007,  the Métro supermarket in Changsha started to sell imported advocate.
Today, I was surprised to see advocate for sale at a fruits and vegetable shop in Xin Kai Pu district! And this is located in the suburb far from the city center!

I was right with: advocate suits Chinese consumers well!