Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti-pollution mask China

In China I decided to start over daily jogging.

After several weeks, I started coughing more and more often, sometimes hours long!
At the beginning I thought it was due to cold air.
Now I doubt. In fact just one week after I came back to France, the coughing stopped.

Today I decided to wear a anti-pollution mask when jogging. In fact You inhale 15 times more air while doing sport.

In China I have seen three main brands for anti-pollution mask:

The problem as I understand with 3M is that they are throw away mask.
The other brand offer re-usable masks. You should just change the filter. However these masks don't seem convenient for running and sport.

3M mask filter 95% of particles. You should select the N95 models. They also have some real gaz mask but it is inconvenient for sport and no solution for me.

It seems the best solution in term of price quality.
You can re-use the masks and change the filter.

It looks more cool that Totobobo.
It seems easier to wear for doing sport.

And if you want to breath your own air...

I will try the mask and let you know.


  1. It's necessary to protect yourself from the pollution effects and wearing mask is the great device for your health. Anti-Pollution Mask

    1. I think that you are right. Some studies say that in one day when you breath the air in Beijing it could be the same as smoking 50 cigarettes...

      Anyway for me I went running for several weeks in Changsha and experienced heavy coughing. It only stopped as I was back in France...

      China environment is really bad.
      It is urgent time for Chinese people to understand this and ask for a change, rethink the society model...

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