Monday, March 18, 2013

Cheese that Chinese people like

I often hear wrongly that Chinese people don't like cheese.

Many Chinese people love cooked cheese: either melted or cooked au gratin.

For cheese under their original appearance Chinese people have their preference.

Cheese that Chinese people like most:

  • Spread cheese
My Chinese wife for a long time could only bear spread cheese.
They exist with different flavours, herbs, salty and sweet...

These spread cheese are often more and more present in China: imported or produced localy!

  • Chaussée aux moines

Most Chinese people like this cheese.

  • Comté (cheese maker quality)

Chinese people love Comté.

Beware! I am talking about quality Comté that you find at a good cheese maker. I often did a test having Chinese people eat a Comté from the supermarket and a Compté from a quality cheese marker. They didn't know it was the same cheese!

  • La Tomme de Savoie (Cheese maker quality)

Chinese people don't like Tomme.

But they love quality Tomme. Unfortunately it is rare to find it, except you go to Savoie in a traditional Cheese maker farm.
It is hard to find good Tomme even in a Cheese maker shop you can be disappointed.

With the habit taste change and Chinese people start liking other cheeses.

Other cheese that Chinese people can like with time:

  • Le Camembert cheese maker quality

My Chinese wife love Camembert.

But then again she doesn't like camembert from supermarket. I am talking about camembert from the cheese maker which taste is very different than a camembert président...

  • Le Cantal (cheese maker quality)

It is another cheese that Chinese people can like with time.

I am talking about Cantal from the farm and not the one you find in a supermarket. The good Cantal is difficult to find even at a cheese maket shop.

Personnaly it is one of my favourite cheese, together with some wine and bread!

These cheeses that Chinese people don't like

Chinese people don't like some cheese: goat cheese, roquefort, sheep cheese (or if it very fresh, young cheese with no taste from the sheep).