Thursday, March 28, 2013

China: from the city to the countryside

I wanted to follow this road that goes through Xin Kai Pu district to go out of Changsha city.

Following this road teaches you a lot because we can better understand how the city extend and how the countryside changes and s'organizes:

  1. The service industries: we have the city center with the shops and the services companies
  2. The secondary industries: Xin Kai Pu with a few a industrial companies, on both side of Xin Kai Pu road you find heavy industries or new constructions
  3. The primary industries: leaving the city you find new constructions and villas and some farms

The road:

  • It leads to the countryside, to Hunan Province administrations and new luxurious villas. Wealthy Chinese people go fishing during the week-end, horse riding and golfing
  • It leads to Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, two cities that should merge with Changsha in a near future
  • You find a military base where Chinese pilots train
  • It leads to a construction site where trucks go to fetch some sands and ciments necessary for constructions everywhere in Changsha
  • It goes past a frozen products market where trucks bring products from Hunan Province and China to Changsha
  • It goes past store that work metals often used for new constructions

policeman controls the traffic

The frozen goods market

A strange building: beware not to open the wrong door!

A older house from Chairman Mao time

Trucks carry constructions material are parked on both side of the road. Some railroad stands next to the road. Trains carry construction materials.

Right and left from the road: workers with heavy material.
It is like that for kilometers.

Then you reach some new empty roads with empty buildings and others being built. They are ghost roads. These new constructions guarantee Chinese economic growth.

Unfortunately we can doubt that there will ever be anyone inside these buildings...

Some constructions workers and their supervisor on the left.

More empty buildings for sale and more constructions on both side of the road!

Promoters try to sell these new constructions at all costs.
Villas for wealthy people: English style or Mexican style village?
I pass Window of the World a amusement park about the world then I pass Changsha zoo and finally reach the countryside. 

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