Thursday, March 28, 2013

Different types of Chinese tofu

Tofu is a central ingredient in Chinese cooking.
It is made with Soya bean milk.

Some poducts that you can make with soya bean.
Same as cheese you produce tofu while curdling soya milk.

There are many different tofu and many ways to use tofu in Chinese dishes (check this good Wikipedia article).

Dried tofu

Black tofu: this is dofu and pork blood! kind of a blood sausage with dofu.

Fresh tofu

Tofu skin. 
You should put it in hot water and add some sauces and herbs such as garlic, soya sauce, vinegar...

Another dried tofu
It is cooked with some bouillon and it will soak in the bouillon and the dish flavor. It is very tasty

Stinky tofu
It really stinks. It is a speciality of Changsha.
The smell is similar to some french cheese. The taste is not the same. This tofu is fried in oil and taste varies a lot from one place to the next. Some stinky tofu are amazing. Beware it can be very spicy.