Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flower shops: flowers and plants business in China

In China you see many flower shops.
This is an important business and there is a huge market for flowers.
However the product choice is very limited! 

You find mainly two products categories:

Flowers bouquets

Mostly young men buy flowers bouquets when they court a girl, date a girl or ask for redemption.

This shop sells both flowers and teddy bear!
Men can choose between some flowers or some teddy bear!

Bouquets and plants display for special occasions

A second product category is the flowers bouquet display as you can see from the photo below. 

Displays are used for happy or sad event.
You should buy these display bouquets for a burial, a wedding, a shop opening, some inauguration...
You should position the flowers bouquet at the door step.

Here we have more often business customers: hotels, administrations, companies, stores, wedding planner...

These bouquet, display cruelly lack originality. You could imagine much better.

As you can see from the photo. This shop also sells both flowers bouquets display for new shops opening and some lucky cats for new shops opening. It makes sense.

Plastic plants and flowers: Chinese people prefer plastic

Chinese flower shops sell many plastics plants and flowers.
In fact it seems that many Chinese don't mind that a plant is real or made of plastic! As long as the copy looks the same as a real plant why should they care?

I must say in my eyes this is a weird, even shocking not to differentiate between a plastic and a real plant. This kind of mentalities must change. Chinese people must learn to love plants.

Why the Chinese flower shops offer remains very limited?

  • A flower shop should offer strong plants that can keep for a long time
  • The offer should match tradition and customs. Some plants have an important symbolic. For instance bamboo means luck
  • Plants should match customers expectation so mainly: some flower bouquet or some displays. They should match one of the two products categories as seen above and therefore fit some criterias:
    • A display uses a wooden conic shape structure
    • For all new shops inauguration, you need two displays: one left and the other one right of the front door
    • A red knot is used on plants for display. In fact these displays are often offered by friends or relatives. They are luck bringers
  • Chinese people want value for their money. A different bouquet, a different display will mostly be more expensive. A Chinese customer should perceive that he gets more value for his money. This is very difficult. Not that Chinese people are mean but they are not dumb and they know money comes hard. The customer should be educated. You need to have taste to understand colors and shape harmony. 
Often Chinese customers will rely mainly on the brand, the size (the bigger the better), the reputation of the shop, the networking.

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