Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lima scooter new vs older model

Lima (strong horse) is the most famous scooter brand in China.

I want to show you how the brand adapted its cheapest model to the mass market customers.
The blue scooter is the old model.
The red scooter is the new model released in 2012.

The new model is about 300 rmb cheaper than the old model: 2250 rmb instead of 2500.
How is it possible?

  • The old model use good steel for many scooter parts. The new model uses plastic
  • The old model has a real seat, whereas the new model use a simple bike seat
  • The new model front light is useless, similar to a bike light, whereas you had a good light with the old model
  • The new model has no back light!
  • I installed the back basket. Normally there is no back basket on the new model
  • I installed the rear view mirror
  • The pedals are made of plastic on the new model and were much better quality on the older model
  • The brake is not as good on the new model as compared to the new model

Safety is not a main concern but price and profit margin!
As you can see the new model is not as safe as the older model: it has no back light, a useless front light, the brakes don't work well...

How come you can use this scooter legally?
In fact the speed is limited! The old model has a speed panel whereas the new model has none! It is supposed to be used as a bike.

In fact the authorities are "shutting their eyes".
They know very well that you will use the scooter on the road with other vehicles and not on special bike lane. And you have only a few bike lanes in China.

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