Saturday, March 9, 2013

Magazines in China reveal drastic change of Chinese consumers habits

On the Chinese fast train, I took pictures of magazines available for passengers. I think that they show a change in mentalities.
An article about a new city.
We see officials and real estate ceos.
An article about china. Chinese people interest themselves to culture and art. This is very new.
An article about caramel sweets, an ancestral art.
An article about Xingjiang
Several articles about consumers products: cars, clothes, design...

In fact Chinese magazines include a consumer aspect with clothes, jewels, cars...for sale and a cultural, travel aspect.
Consumption society is linked to art and culture. Consumption changes toward a clever consumption: guided not only by fashion but also by taste, art, culture.

The magazine cover: the Chinese average reader?

My neighbors  "Chinese golden youth" I-Pad, computer games, QQ messenger. They buy online, get dress like Korean, Japanese.

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