Monday, March 25, 2013

The Chinese model we shouldn't follow

This article is my point of view and I want to share it with you.

I think that the Chinese growth model that we follow leads to disasters:
  • This economic model destroys exhaustible and limited ressources from our planet
  • This model destroys our environment: polluted water, air, earth
  • This model generates stronger inequalities: those who own the wealth and the rest
One shouldn't believe in a clean economic growth. This doesn't exist. This idea is conveyed to allow a system of death to go on.

Chine should teach us a lesson!

China is in advance over the world thanks to its huge population and it is an example for us.

Clearly while following a growth model we will arrive to China situation:

  • Chinese historical heritage is destroyed

Old monuments have been razed to the ground

There are only a few places left such as the Eiffel Tower in France and a few isolated province with less population such as Tibet or Yunnan. There are still a few museum in Beijing where you find gathered all the national treasure as a pride display of some distant past. You also find fake old places, rebuilt just recently as old places to attract dumb tourists.

One will tell you that Tchang Kai Chek stole everything.
One will tell you that foreigners destroyed China: first westerners then Japanese.
Some will dare ad say that cultural revolution and Mao Tsé Toung is responsible for these destructions.

It doesn't matter to know how China destroyed its historical heritage. You can only observe this. Worst! destructions go on... Destruction allows to make money. It feeds an eternal economic growth model. This is the case for a farmer or for a real estate promoter.
We can say that overpopulation and economic growth model lead to historical heritage destruction.

  • Chinese environment is trashed

China not only destroyed its heritage, it also destroyed its environment.

    • Air is polluted. Record pollution level in big cities and also in a large majority of the country has terrible consequence on health.
    • Water is poisonned. Chinese people even doubt bottle water! The lack of transparence in the control raises some doubts. We leave psychose. Rivers are polluted...
    • Ground is impoverished. It becomes sand, too much used, it doesn't produce anymore. The new fashion is to raze to the ground hills!

What Chinese people say?

Many dream of foreign countries. I have heard so many time that foreign countries are beautiful and that it is pleasant to live abroad.

  • Elites benefit from their position, starting from the highest dignitaries, their families, company managers... what an example for the population who have no choice but to stay in China!
  • Young people leave to study abroad. Many try to establish durably abroad, wedding and working out of China0
  • Many poor people leave for foreign countries with no papers

China is condemned to grow and grow. Since if the population stabilize as an effect to the one child policy, China follows the growth model.
Even though and it is comforting, most Chinese people want a quiet life, a family, a roof, air, water, foo... But they don't decide.

In the current state, regarding the state of natural resource (water, earth), it is not sure that China is self sufficient even to feed its population! We can fear if Chinese people want a western way of live: a car, an apartment  eat steak, many clothes, a cell phone...

How Chinese people arrived here?

It is the consequence of the development, the "economic miracle". It is the model our leaders use as an example to follow! It is where we go! 
China won the war of globalization but to what cost... And our leaders want to lead us the same path in France!

Not one politic refuses this model. 
No one wants to change our society!

We must follow the growth model:

  • In China you build a motorway with 6 ways, here you have 4 ways
  • In China you build skycrapers instead of a 6 floors building. In France it is a 3 floor building instead of a 100 years old house and its garden!
  • In China you raze to the ground hills, here you cut some trees and hedges
  • In China you feed hormones to chicken, here we do the same
  • In China you build a modern hotel, here you relook a older hotel and get rid of its "old" furnitures... 
  • In China we eat GMO, here we do the same
  • The list goes on and on...

I invite you to refuse this economic model while following several tracks:
  1. Accept that there is another way of life not the one from the growth mode and destruction from historical and natural model
  2. Refuse the crazy people competition that leads us to work "like Chinese": no week-end, no holliday, no leasures... and always lower income supervized by a minority! Shut our borders and keep our independance
  3. Keep our culture and our identity with our coherente immigration and integration policy
  4. A basic income for all or "jobs" for all
  5. Live self sufficient instead of rampaging weak neighbours

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