Saturday, March 2, 2013

Timberland fashion in China

As compared to 2005, there is a new "green trend" in China.
Chinese consumer like to buy camping material even though there are still only few to go camping.

One famous "camping brand" is Timberland.
While in 2005 you couldn't find Timberland in China, today the brand opened shops everywhere. To my knowledge it is still not yet in Changsha.
However you find already many copies in Changsha...

It was complicated for me to take pictures.
The logo is quite similar to Timberland's logo.

Why Chinese people like these products?
I am not sure and this would require a deep study. But I have several ideas:

A new green trend
I guess that it is due to a new green trend. Camping, walking are trendy!
Another thing is the robust aspect of Timberland products.

Big and robust
Take the shoes, they are walking shoes. It could compare to a Jeep car. And Chinese people love these big robust cars. Chinese  always love something big and strong.

Useful products
Wearing walking shoes is always useful on Chinese muddy streets and roads.
As for the jackets it protects well from the cold win or rain.

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