Friday, April 5, 2013

Chinese or french nougat: which one is the copy?

Chinese people have their own nougat. It looks very similar to our french nougat.

In fact many Chinese will clearly tell you that nougat is a Chinese specialty and no further discussion is allowed!
The french nougat must be a copy.
I understand that Chinese people are particularly proud for their culinary culture. It is a sensitive subject. But I need to write this article: white nougat as we know it is french!

The origins of nougat
Nougat exists since antiquity in orient. It is also known by Greks and then in Italy.
Nougat arrives in France in the 17th century during Renaissance.
Nougat de Montélimar appears in the 18th century.

However, Beijing nougat (the white Chinese nougat similar to the french nougat de Montélimar) probably arrived in China in the 20th century.

Chinese products often confuse the buyers in order to mislead him: Chinese or European nougat?
Foreign and french products sell well. They are viewed as quality, healthy products.
This product is interesting. It is a Chinese nougat disguised into a European nougat! And they even have a french flag and the Eiffel tower!
Of course any Chinese customer would imagine that this nougat comes from France and is imported. In fact it is produced in China... This kind of packaging looks better when you make a present.

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