Monday, April 1, 2013

Chinese people are one year older than the rest of the world

Yesterday was my birthday...
I am 34 years old according to Chinese standards. However I am only 33 years old according to the world standards of calculation! Ouf! that is one year less!

How do Chinese people calculate age?
Chinese people consider that when a baby is born he is already 1 year old whereas for us a newborn is 0 year old.

As for birthday, Chinese people use the Lunar Calendar dates birthday date. In China the traditional calendar is the lunar calendar which differs from our western calendar.
For example: my birthday is 31 of March 2013 according to the Gregorian Calendar. In China my birthday will be celebrated 20th February 2013 as it is my Chinese birthday date according to the lunar Calendar for 2013. Beware, Lunar Calendar changes every year!

Why are you one year older in China?
I am not sure about the reason for this calculation method but I have some idea:

  • Chinese people have another way of reasoning. Let me explain. If my birth day is the 20th February 2013. Then on the 20th I will reach 33 years old. After the 20th I will be more than 33 years old, I will start being 34 years old. Therefore in all logic Chinese people say I am 34 years old.
  • Chinese people often calculate from one and not from zero:
    • In order to calculate floors Chinese people start from floor 1 as the basement. Floor 0 will be the cellar, the parking. This is the same calculation in the USA. But in France the basement is 0, then we have a first floor... I believe it makes moe sense.
    • A woman has 9 month pregnancy, but Chinese women have 10 months ! Here again the period calculation is one month longer as Chinese people include zero as 1 month

What are the consequence of a newborn being one year old?
If you say that a newborn is 1 year old, it would mean that he was already a human being while inside his mother womb! 
When you think about it, if you are 0 years it means that your birth is the beginning of you life as a human being.
Therefore abortion should not be allowed from day 1 or this would mean committing a crime? According to the french legislation abortion is allowed before 3 months. However in China in order to enforce the one child policy abortion is performed even after 6 month.

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