Monday, April 29, 2013

Chinese tourists: beware Romanian thieves

My parents in law came to visit France 3 weeks. I followed them.

Guess how many time I stopped Romanian thieves while they were opening my parents in law bag, coat...

1 time? 2 times? 4 times?
6 times! In three weeks I stopped six times Romanian thieves as they were opening the bag of my parents in law or putting their hands in their pockets or...:

  • Romanian minors tried to rob them three times in the subway
  • Once and old Romanian woman tried to rob my mother in law in a church!
  • Once my parents in law were encircled by 20 Romanian minors girls on Montmartre. I had to shout to dissuade them to snatch their bag...
  • Once two Romanian girl tried to open my mother in law suitcase at the train station

I am not afraid to say it: Chinese people beware Romanian Chinese thieves.
Six times it was Romanian! It is not a coïncidence. These thieves understand that Chinese and asian people are easier prey. They have no moral to aggress old and weak people.

I can tell you that at some point I was really getting angry: no police to protect us. These thieves have no limit, no moral. And they are the same one who then beg for money in the street!

The french president François Hollande guaranteed security of Chinese tourists in France.

He needs to adress the issue of Romanian thieves in France.


  1. I'm a little curious how you knew these were all Romanians

    1. You know a Romanian when you see one...
      I know it sounds "racist" but check on google pictures: black hair, specific facial feature, tanned, usually rather short... there are many in Paris subway and streets who beg for money.
      You can see many in Italy as well. They have a few trade including: robbery, prostitution... In Paris they beg, or rob or make you sign fake petition to get you money or try to cheat your bank card...

      In fact I don't fully blame them. They do what they can to earn money. They lack principle and moral. But who knows what I would do if I had nothing?
      I blame our politicians, the lack of police forces, our laws. Yes it is also the price of "democracy" (for instance minor don't go to jail: they will take you wallet and be free some 24 hours later). But maybe it is time for a real debate...

    2. Georges, romanians are not all 'tanned, black hair, specific facial feature'. 'Usually rather short'?! Where did that came from?
      They are Rroms, initially called gypsies until a smart-ass romanian politician decided to call them 'Rroms'. This is where the entire world started confusing Rroms and Romanians ... Gypsies are nomads, as you might know.

      In fact, I don't blame you. You're just ignorant.

    3. I think you are confusing romanians with gypsies

    4. I am sorry... I wanted to write Rom. (And I had a Romanian friend and classmate several years ago so I should know Romanians are not like Rom...).

      The thing is in fact some Rom have different body features. You have Rom from Germany, north europe for instance, that is why I wrote Romanian.

      What I wanted to say is:
      The thieves I had to deal with were all the typical "Rom" clichés.
      Like this:


      Again I am really sorry...

  2. Also the whole point of this article is to raise the issue of "Rom" mafias in France (or Italy and...). They survive from begging, stealing, prostitution...

    Someone has to address this issue:
    Police are too few
    They can't do anything as most of the thieves are under 18.
    Even when thieves are above 18, it is long and difficult to get a trial and the penalties are very lenient. Of course it is difficult: on one side you have victims and on the other side you have our democracy...