Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY booming trend in China

In China "do it yourself" is a strong trend. 
Many Chinese people want to learn how to do themselves:
  • Cook a birthday cake, some french food...
  • Learn how to paint
  • Learn sculpture
This is a new trend. On television you see television show about DIY. They show you how to make different objects.

Why Chinese people want to learn how to do themselves?
  • Is it a change in the consumer society: Chinese people would rather make themselves than buy a finished product? 
  • Or many Chinese people are simply curious. They want to understand how you create an object, a cake... How it works and therefore would rather do it themselves.

Often mothers like to follow some DIY class with their children.

Here you learn how to paint some piggy.
The child will learn to paint and also how to save his pocket money.

Here a model for lovers.

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