Monday, April 8, 2013

Facial morphopsychologie in China: how human facial features determine character and destiny!

Morphopsychology is a field of alternative science that proposes a correspondence between human facial morphology (the shape and configuration of the face) and individual personality.

In China, the face features determine the character and destiny
In China many clichés and believes link human face morphology and his character or destiny!

Of course Chinese people don't follow these believes anymore.
Still in China clichés and traditions are very present in peoples mind. Chinese people still have many superstitions. These clichés will play an important role in the way of thinking and acting, even in the subconscious part of Chinese people mind!
A Chinese person will often link some facial feature belief to a charactere without letting you know he thought about it at some point, or even without realizing that he thought about this!

What are these clichés about facial features?

  • If you have a large earlobe like a statue of bouddha, it means that you are wise and you will be wealthy

  • A birthmark or beauty spot under your nose means that you are clever and will be rich
  • A beauty spot at the corner of your mouth means that you like eating
  • A beauty spot below the eyebrow means that you often cry
  • A large chin means that you are clever and will be wealthy
  • A personn with thin lips like to speak ill of others
  • A personn with eyebrows that touch is mean and wrathful similar to the God of war

  • If you have white hair at a young age it means that you are wealthy and worked a lot
  • If you have pink lips, it means that you like making love
  • Losing your hair at the top of your head means that you are stubborn

  • When a woman has prominent checkbones, she will bring misfortune to her husband!

  • A man with a square chin is strict with his money. For instance the actor Andy Lau has a square chin

  • If you have a mole on your chin like Chairman Mao, you will be successful or a leader

There are many beliefs and here are just a few.
Also it is important to note that some beliefs will differ from one part of China to the next. There are many difference between the north and the south for instance!

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