Wednesday, April 3, 2013

French bread in China...

All Chinese people know that bread is a foreign product.
However they don't know that many bread type come from France.

Many Chinese brand use the french image to sell some kind of "bread, cookies..." Here are a few example:

French crunchy cake (I am not sure what it is, definitively not french)

French style bread, it looks like french pain au chocolat (chocolate bread).
But it is doesn't taste like anything french.

Did you notice how they use the french flag colors: blue, white, red. It is a common practice in China.

Different bread type in a Chinese supermarket.

As you can see the packaging is written in french language. Most Chinese don't know that it is french anyway.

As for the bread, it taste like bread. But it is nothing like the bread you find in France. You can not expect any good quality bread as the flour comes from China, the bread is frozen, the oven is not the same as in France...


  1. Wow, what a nice post. I didn't knew that many bread type come from France . I really enjoyed while i am reading this nice post. I love french culture, french language etc. I have been learning french language as well. I have bookmarked this site and i think i will get many nice article in future. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Thanks ;-)

      In fact there are many type of breads in France.
      It depends on different flours, also on oven (some bakeries used old wood oven), if you add nuts, or pork meat, dried grapes inside the bread, also some baker will let the dough rise in the cold (in some fridge), let it grow one or several time... It is very complex.

      According to my experience Chinese people don't like bread too much.
      But it depends on the type of bread.