Saturday, April 27, 2013

Importance of numbers in China

Knowing numbers is important. Different numbers have different meanings.
Some numbers have positive meanings. Other numbers have negative meanings.

Let me tell you about this:
Two= Er= stupid
Three= San= sad
Four= Si= death
Five= Wu= toilet
Six= Leo= smooth, all goes well
Seven= Qi= family relations or you can succeed
Eight= Ba= win money
Nine= Jiu= long life

Many numbers have meanings for instance
250= Er bai wu= stupid
520= wu er ling= I love you
3166= San yi liu liu= sayonara= Good bye in Japanese
88= ba ba= bai bai= Good bye

Chinese people mind numbers a lot.
For instance good phone numbers sell at high price!

Numbers have meaning according to phonetics. I told you about 2013-1-4= er ling yi san yi si= ai ni yi shen yi si= I love you forever.

A few numbers have meaning related to believes, same as 13 for western people.

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