Sunday, April 21, 2013

In China equality principle doesn't exist

An "equality principle" is a philosophical, moral, and legal doctrine asserting that all human beings are "equal," and that they ought to be treated "equally" under the law.

let's take the exampe of travelling in China and in France to illustrate this.

In France
When you travel by train you can pay some reduced prices.
The reductions relies on several logics:

  • The equality principle:
You pay less if you are a child, old, unemployed...

  • A commercial logic:
You pay less if you book the train when there is less demand, during the day...

  • Nation:
You pay less if you are in the army

In China: the equality principle doesn't exist?

It seems that the equality principle in China is not the same as in France.
However China is a communist country and should use the equality principle to motivate reduced price?

In China you can travel at different price depending on the service offer:  by plane, by fast train, by slow train, by slow train without seat.

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