Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jelly egg: a french dish for Chinese people

Chinese people love Jelly.
You find jelly in street drinks and in some dishes.

Chinese people love eggs.
In order to feed a large population eggs are important. Chinese people eat eggs everyday and different forms.

However until recently Chinese people didn't like soft eggs. Probably in the past a egg should be cook to keep longer and avoid diseases.

Jelly eggs
Jelly egg matches Chinese people taste.

Vary jelly
It is even possible to vary jelly with different flavors: green tea, strawberry... You need to find the good associations.

A tidy and innovative presentation
It is possible to imagine different presentations.

Associate Chinese ingredients
The jelly egg is often prepared with ham. Chinese people love ham. Why not use salmon or smoked bacon instead.
You can also add Chinese cooking ingredient. Why not some soya sauce, ginger, spicies...

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