Friday, April 12, 2013

Optician in China

I went to a Chinese optician to make some glasses.
I must say it was a pleasant surprise! Good quality and good price!

It costed me 500rmb as I have a high myopia.
In France it would cost 500 euros or more!

As for the quality, it is exactly the same glasses frame you find in France.

The only disadvantage, since Chinese people "don't have nose edge", all Chinese glasses have plastic pads.

It means that you don't have this kind of glasses frame:
The only frame still made in Europe are expensive frame made of natural horn or made of turtle shell (a endangered specie).

Glasses made in 5 minutes
The optician made my new glasses in 5 minutes! He simply cut the glasses according to the frame size. He used this machine.

These frame are more expensive made of pure steel or silver.

The optician then stick the glass to the frame.

Fake glasses.
It is very fashion to wear glasses in China. Many Chinese wear fake glasses, without glasses. It was the same 5 to 7 years ago in France.

The usual western models. It helps to sell.

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