Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Organic food shops in China

In China many new organic food shops open.
Still most of these shops sell only a few "organic food" products.

Some products are sold according to the fear, phobias of Chinese people due to food scandals: milk, baby milk, vitamins...

Other products sold are imported products for wealthy customers: alcohol (wine, beer), biscuits, drinks...

Foreign imported milk, it often comes from New Zealand

Milk and milk powder

Another newly opened (as you can see from the plants in front of the shop) organic products/ food shop

You can see milk, biscuits and imported products

Here they sell some vitamins

The marketing wants to convey a young, healthy image.
Here it shows a young pregnant woman.
Pregnancy is an issue in China. Wealthy pregnant woman are willing to spend a lot for their health.

Thereafter they will spend for their babies and young children (milk, biscuits, sweets...).
Also their husband will spend to buy some expensive imported products such as alcohol.


  1. In China, organic could mean 'made from organs'. I wouldn't trust anything to be what is purports to be. All it takes is one liar in the chain of manufacture or distribution for the thing to be a lie.

    1. ah ah "made from organs". I had a laugh. You are right Steve for all made in China materials: vegetable, meat... you can not trace it well.

      In fact most organic shops sell imported products: milk, biscuit... I noticed Chinese people don't trust organic food as much as imported food. So organic label is not yet set in consumers mind :-)

  2. I always prefer Healthy Organic Food for my family and I am quite happy with results...Nice post!!!