Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pork knuckle and ham: Chinese people love it

Chinese people love pork meat.

And they love french ham and pork knuckle.

They will like it raw. It is strange as Chinese people seldom like raw food. This is probably due to health safety. Pork knuckle is the exception!

You can also cook it french style, why not in the oven with potatoes or cider or beer!

In fact I have heard that Chinese people also have pork knuckle meat.
But I have never seen it and it is very expensive. Before the revolution only land owner could have this meat.

Beware don't confuse pork knuckle and dried sausage.
I never met a Chinese who likes dried sausage. Many are even disgusted to see that foreigners like to eat this meat raw!
Also most Chinese people don't like chorizo, which is weird as this meat is spicy pork meat.

In China appearance can be misleading!