Monday, April 15, 2013

Rosa sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, drinks

Rosa is a huge company from Taiwan.

It used to be the only bakery and cakes chain in mainland China. 
Rosa has many franchised outlets. The company produces in some factories and then deliver its cakes, bread and different products to its franchises stores.
Rosa must have thousands of shops all over China.

Rosa used its brand to diversify and created three different concept:

  1. Rosa Cake & Café sells cakes, bread, birthday cakes, coffee, tea, ice cream
  2. Rosa Cake & Café sells sandwichesspaghettis, "pizzas", coffee, tea, ice cream and a few cakes
  3. Rosa restaurant is a affordable Chinese dish food chain "Chinese fast food"

  • Sandwiches, pizzas, spaghettis, drinks, ice cream concept
Rosa develops a new concept mainly in train stations. It offers sandwiches, spaghettis, dishes to take away, coffee, tea, ice cream and a few cakes.
However Chinese people are not accustom to eat sandwiches. Still Rosa improved its food offer and adapted it to Chinese people taste. It is very interesting to check Rosa sandwiches or pizzas. It is not at all what we are used to in Europe.

Bread stuffed with minced meat and spaghettis

The sandwiches and Chinese salads fruits and vegetable with some salty sweet sauce

Pizzas and different cakes.
The company uses western food known by Chinese customers clichés: Italian pizzas, French croissant... Names matter. They should match the clichés. While taste should be well adapted to Chinese people taste.

  • Rosa restaurant (right on the picture)

Some food menu at Rosa restaurant.
It is rather expensive as compared to other cheap Chinese restaurant: 25rmb instead of 10-15rmb.
However in most Chinese consumers mind, eating in a chain restaurant is a guarantee: cleanliness, no food hazard... 

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