Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Snake market Changsha, China

As you know 2013 is the year of the snake in China.

I went to a old snake market in Changsha.

Where to find the snake market?
For those of you who want to check this place, it is located at the end of Wuyi Road near the number 1 bridge.
If you go there you should go in the morning. In the afternoon most shops close and the choice is very limited.

This is the entrance of the market on Wuyi road.

As you can see the market entrance is very close to the number 1 bridge

Opposite of the market, on the other side of Wuyi road, there is Changsha old street where you find many coffee shops, Huang Xin road.

How much to buy a snake?
You can buy a small snake for 40 yuan
The bigger snakes are more expensive. They cost 80 yuan per kilo.

They can prepare the snake for you and skin it.

You have a lot of choice at this market: dogs, turtles, eels...

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