Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turkish delight a high potential product in China?

Turkish delights come from Turkey and Greece.

All Chinese people I know who tried loved them.
This is another high potential product in China:

  • Chinese people love jelly
  • Chinese people love different flavors. With Turkish delight you can imagine any flavor! You can create some Turkish delight with Chinese flavors. Why not green tea, rose, bing lang... 
  • Turkish delight have many beautiful and attractive colors. Chinese people love this. It is romantic, glamour, lively
  • Turkish delight can be mixed with different kind of nuts and dried fruits. Chinese people love nuts and dried fruits

Still Turkish delight are a little bit too sweet for Chinese people.
Therefore you should adapt the recipe and make them less sweet: this might not be so easy.

Another point is the promotion of Turkish delight. For instance, it has to match Chinese customs and festivals. Why not Turkish delight for moon cake festival.