Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What to do when you have a traffic accident in China?

If you have a traffic accident in China your should adopt the good attitude. 

And there are a few rules you should know:
  • The police won't help you (or seldom). Most of the time they will wait for the two parties to solve their problem. Policemen will watch and keep some distance. In case of a fight they will wait and then when someone is down they will come in
  • It is all about bargaining and not so much about who is right or wrong
  • It is about who is hurt. If someone is hurt no matter that he was responsible for the accident you should pay
  • It is about who has money. You should know if the other person has money or not. You can look at his car, at his clothes... The one who has no money can not pay... While cars have insurance, it doesn't cover most of the damage and scooters don't have insurance and can't pay! In case of a accident with a bus you should ask your insurance. In case of a  accident with a scooter there is little chance you can get anything. In case of a accident with a car: make sure if the owner has money or not: what kind of car, how does the owner look like...
  • Keep the other party at the scene. He might try to escape. Also if the other party doesn't speak out, just start leaving the scene if there is no reaction it is settled this way...
  • You should get some help from your network, friends, relatives... The more people stand on your side the more chance you have the win the bargaining. If you have some influential friend they will more easily win the case. You can get the help from the people at the scene. They might know you were right and support you. Don't hesitate and take them as a third party
  • Threaten, swear and shout: pretend to be angry. Even though you are wrong and responsible, pretend to be angry and shout while keeping calm inside. Of course this should never be more than shouts. It is just a normal way to bargain
  • In most case the two parties will solve the conflict between each other: one will pay some money as a compensation and they will be gone
  • Pretend that you are in great pain or hurt. So that the other party will be afraid to ask you any money
  • Wait for the other party to ask you for some money. And then discuss not about the money but about the accident. You are not responsible. Once it is established that you are responsible then talk about the money... how much you should pay. It will often happen that the one party will ask you: give me money, give me money... in that case wait for him to tell you how much

Here the driver pretends to be hurt and doesn't stand up. He has no money and insurance. He knows that if he doesn't pretend to be hurt, he might have to pay money to the owner of the car... Maybe the scooter driver can even ask for compensation money to the car driver!

Other scooters taxis will come to stand on the side of the one on the ground. They have the same job and often support each other.

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