Monday, April 22, 2013

Why we are all Misters and Misses All For Me?

I remember that as a child my grand mother used to call me Mister All For Me.
I was kind of naughty and always wanted everything.

Now I understand that I don't need everything to be happy. And I wonder why most people act like children. They always want more. They always want everything.
In fact as long as you don't force them, people are unable to make any concession.
This goes this way in China as well.

Chinese people are unable to make concessions:

  • Most girls won't marry a man who doesn't own a nice apartment
  • Most Chinese people want to spend in restaurants and wasting food is a must, in a show of abundance and hospitality to your guest
  • Most Chinese people want a I-Phone. Even though it is really expensive. When you think about it. A I-Phone might cost 5000 rmb, while most people earn 2000-3000 a month! Even though it is difficult to survive without a I-Phone in China: how to contact people, access QQ messenger? how to access weixin...? how to work, build network?
  • Most Chinese people want a car. For some it is a way to show that you have "face", money, a good job. For others they feel it is more convenient for them rather than take the public transportation. The cheapest car costs about 65000rmb! Can you imagine how many years they should pay and work for a car! 
  • Most Chinese girls want a LV bag. No matter that it is way too expensive and that the quality doesn't justify the price at all! Clothes, make up are important for a girl if she wants to find a wealthy husband or simply to reach her professional goal
  • Most Chinese want to eat steaks, beef meat, sushis, pizzas...
  • ...

Making concession is the only way to transform the society.
But we are unable to make concession.

We want all: a car, a mobile phone, good clothes, make-up, several children, plenty of expensive food...

A new society model for France would be possible

If french people consumed less meat the country could feed everyone: 1 hectare for 1 man!
In fact we need a little bit more than 2 hectares to feed one frenchman (as we eat meat and cereal). Considering that there is only 1 hectare for 1 french man we couldn't feed the population without relying on imports.

However if we had less meat it would be possible to feed all the french population and even have some extra. This would provide money for housings, health, education for instance.

But most people don't want this. They want more. They want all.
But then of course if we all want cars, computers, mobile phone. If the population continues to grow as people want several children and as we have a strong immigration, this won't be possible anymore.

China has already no choice
While in France we could still feed everyone and provide housings, education, health, in China there is no choice.
The country is not able to feed its large population. They need to rely on importations from the world.

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