Thursday, May 23, 2013

A few lucky numbers in China

Remember once I told you how important numbers are in China.
I explained how different numbers have different positive or negative meanings.
Here are a few examples:

The more 8, you have in a phone number the best.
This company must pay a lot for this phone number!

Check the prices, they all finish by 0 or 8.
It is always like this in restaurant, supermarkets, shops...
Have you seen the promotion 8.8 This is very powerfull: two 8

Check the phone number on the new building, to sell appartments.
They will try to have 8 in the phone number.
If this is not possible, too expensive, they will have another number.
It is also very important to have similar digits. For instance two 8 or three 8 or 2 six, or even better 6 six, 5 five, 4 four, 8 eight... It matters for Chinese customers!


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